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What Makes an N-Person™ Cyber Summit Different?

White Glove Done-For-You Cyber Summit Hosting

We built Virtually Everywhere™  Event Platform to host our own summits and quickly realized that our unique solution would benefit other businesses and causes looking to host their own events.

So, in early 2020, we launched our Done-For-You Hosting service: N-Person™ Summit Hosting.

Here's what makes N-Person™ the perfect hosting solution for all of your events:

2020 Summit

Done For You

  • We build and host your entire Cyber Summit (aka Virtual Summit) for you, providing you with a dedicated site and a custom domain with a proven high-converting UX and UI.
  • We handle your speaker onboarding and management, providing your speakers with their own speaker dashboard with links to update their bio, presentation, and social media profiles, as well as access to social media swipe copy they can share to promote your event.
  • We host and stream all of your content using global CDNs (content delivery networks) to ensure HD video and audio to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • We setup a knowledge-base and live chat on your dedicated summit site to answer frequently asked questions and increase conversions. Not only will this allow your team to chat live with potential attendees, but we can provide dedicated assistants to support you.

Done By You

  • No websites to setup, no registration forms to create, no ticketing systems to manage.
  • No endless back-and-forth with your speakers, sponsors and vendors. 
  • No complicated or expensive video hosting to configure.
  • Never miss a question from a potential attendee.

Built for Any Size Event

Any Size Event

Whether you are hosting an event for 100 or 100,000 attendees (or more), we can handle it.

The Virtually Everywhere™ Event Platform is built to scale, and the hard-working and dedicated team powering our N-Person™ Event Hosting service grows with you.

Big or Small

  • Your events can be free or paid events.
  • Your events can be time-bound (ex: 2 days, or 2 weeks) or evergreen (no start and end dates, and you can continue to add content and sell tickets perpetually).
  • In addition to ticketed content (requires your attendees to register first), we can optionally simultaneously livestream your content to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, LinkedIn Live, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and more than a dozen other livestreaming services.

One-size fits all

  • No need to panic if you only plan for 1,000, but 10,000 people show up.
  • No extra effort on your part, regardless of how many people register to attend. 

Maximum Engagement and Face-to-Face Interaction

If you want to maximize attendance, engagement, excitement, and virality at your events, we can help.

Virtually Everywhere™ ensures that our online events look and feel just like in-person events for attendees all over the globe, complete with speaker sessions, real-time discussions, Q&A, virtual vendor booths, and even one-on-one networking.

Plus, with the ability to host your event and automatically generate transcripts from your sessions in any language, you can reach an audience as diverse as your event is impactful.

Maximum Engagement


  • No software to download or install ensures a frictionless sign-up and sign-in process. Easy for speakers to present, and easy for attendees to join. Works in all modern browsers.
  • Run live or pre-recorded speaker sessions and maximize attendee engagement with live chat. Speakers can even join the live chat via SMS, allowing users to ask or vote for questions in real-time, even with pre-recorded sessions!
  • Attendees can interact in real-time just by joining a table, proving an online event doesn't have to sacrifice the in-person networking experience.
  • Real-time, face-to-face interaction connects people through one-on-one video meetings and makes virtual networking feel natural and fun. High-quality video and audio help attendees build real relationships in real-time. .
  • Vendor Expo Booths allow sponsors or partners to have dedicated video and chat rooms they can control, and that attendees can join anytime. 


  • No complicated software means anyone can join, even if they don't have permission to install software on their work computers, or when using low-powered laptops like Chromebooks.
  • No need to do everything in real-time! Pre-record sessions and stream them at scheduled times while still allowing speakers and attendees to chat live during livestream sessions.
  • No complicated break-out rooms that require organizers to split attendees into small groups during each session, manually. Attendees can join tables or sessions on-the-fly based on the discussions or topics they're interested in.

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